Why HydraLap®? What Is It?

As a shooter, you know the finish on a rifle bore is critical —the slightest imperfection can impact accuracy— so much so, the Old World , costly, hand lapped process is still used today by leading barrel manufacturers. The lapping process removes any blemishes resulting from the button rifling process. The end result is a smooth bore with a mirror like finish which allows the bullet to pass through unimpeded. The down side of hand lapping is that it is laborious and therefore costly, not to mention the human element in variances in any hand operation from barrel to barrel. Noted gunsmith, Fred Bohl, in 2005, published a treatise on Rifle Bore Lapping/Polishing. After reading his treatise, one can understand why it is so expensive. The good news, Azimuth Technology, with its extensive manufacturing background in aerospace, DOD and the medical field has engineered the HydraLap® process to replicate and one could argue, improve upon the hand-lapped barrels.

HydraLap® is Azimuth Technology’s proprietary honing and lapping process, using state-of-the-art equipment to achieve the same result as the expensive hand-lapped barrels. Any imperfections that may have occurred during the manufacturing process are removed. The end result is a concentric, highly polished barrel that offers superb accuracy. Since the process is mechanical and controlled by computers, the consistency achieved is second to none. The video link illustrates the process.

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