Frequently asked Questions

Why aren’t the tolerances all the same?

On any product, some dimensions are deemed not critical to functionality, so a tolerance of + or - .002" is acceptable. However, there are other dimensions on the receiver or any of our components, which are deemed vital to performance and accuracy. Therefore, we machine these parts to + or - .0005". More importantly, we consistently maintain these tolerances part after part. Our QC team randomly pulls product and using specialized instruments measures them to ensure compliance with our goals.

When will Azimuth Technology AZTP-22™ products be available?

Azimuth Technology is launching its line of AZTP-22™ , 10/22® components at the 2019 SHOT Show in Las Vegas and products will be available after Jan 20th. 

Is there a warranty on Azimuth Technology AZTP-22™ products?

Yes! “The Azimuth Technology AZTP-22™ components have a Limited Warranty to cover manufacturer’s defects in material or workmanship, as originally manufactured, under normal use during the Warranty Period of twelve (12) months." See the full warranty details here.

Do I need to break in the barrel? If so, what do you recommend?

Our barrels are made from the highest quality 416R Stainless Steel or 4150 Chrome Vanadium Steel. Then they undergo our proprietary HydraLap™ process which provides the smoothest mirror-like finish available making barrel break-in minimal. The barrel break-in process is to smooth out any rough spots from the button rifling process. The HydraLap process has already done that for you.

What type of .22 ammo do you recommend?

We recommend using quality brand ammo. .22’s are unique in that one brand of ammunition will work better in one gun than it does in another. So, you will want to try a few different brands to see which one gives you the best results.

Can I use hyper velocity .22 rounds in my Azimuth Technology AZTP-22™?

Only in the Sport chambered barrels. Shooting hyper velocity rounds in a Bentz chamber will damage your rifle and potentially void your warranty.

Can Azimuth Technology AZTP-22™ components be installed on my Ruger® 10/22®?

Your Azimuth Technology AZTP-22™ components are engineered to work with the Ruger® 10/22® rifle platform.

Which trigger do you recommend?

There are several high- quality aftermarket triggers made for the Ruger 10/22® . We suggest you find the trigger that best fits your shooting style and use it to complete your AZTP-22 build.

What’s the best way to clean my rifle?

Safely remove the trigger and bolt and then using the access hole in the rear of the receiver, use a quality brand pull through “snake” style cleaning device. Drop the weighted end through the barrel and then pull the bristled end through from chamber to barrel muzzle end.

You can also use any high quality one-piece or two-piece cleaning rod. Plastic or coated rods are ideal. Avoid military steel rods that can harm the crown and bore. Use a quality bore solvent and gun oil when cleaning your barrel and receiver.

What does the 11° target crown do?

It helps to evenly distribute gases escaping at the muzzle to stabilize the bullet for superior accuracy. It is a known standard in precision rifle barrel designs.

Why weapons grade metals for a .22 Rifle?

We can’t find anything better for strength, light weight, and durability. Over time and high round counts lesser Aluminum alloys can gouge and peen. 7075 does not do this, even when used in centerfire rifle platforms like the AR-15.

How do I know if my barrel is chambered for Bentz or Sporter?

Great question as you always want to use the proper ammunition with any firearm. Azimuth Technology's Bentz chambered barrels are not designed for use with CCI MINI-MAG OR 60GR bullets. Bentz chambered models will have Bentz or Sporter spelled out of the barrel flat to indicate the chambering.

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