Superior Accuracy

Precise Manufacturing Specifications, and a Unique Dual-Rail Receiver, Result in Accuracy on the Range and in the field

We build accuracy in, not add it on. We custom engineer all the major 10/22® type components to work in concert with each other for optimum accuracy.

AZTP-22™ Receiver: CNC milled from solid 7075 billet, with critical tolerances manufactured to +/- .0005” at the barrel to receiver mating surfaces, and up to +/- .002” of true parallel for the receiver walls and the functional moving parts in the receiver – paramount factors for match-grade accuracy.

AZTP-22™ Bolt assembly: The bolt assembly rides on TWO bearing surfaces, not just one. This eliminates canting sideways. It’s also custom milled from 17-4 stainless, heat treated then finished with a high hardness, low coefficient of friction coating. There is a perfect 90-degree mating of the bolt face to barrel and cartridge head at close-up and ignition.

AZTP-22™ Barrels: Our barrel chamber is precision reamed to be in perfect alignment with the centerline of the bore. This is essential in a rimfire, lead-projectile bore. We then turn each barrel to be perfectly concentric in outside and inside diameters, maintaining concentricity error values of .002" or less. This dampens the natural harmonics when the round is fired. Lastly, each barrel is precision lapped using our HydraLap™ lapping procedure. This proprietary lapping and honing process removes the irregularities in the lands and grooves left over from the rifling process. It avoids the laborious hand-lapping technique that relies on human feel. Each land and groove all emerge identical in the finished product for match-grade accuracy.

Our custom engineering, precision manufacturing and superior quality control processes result in the finest 10/22® components available. 

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